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7 Major Things to Know About JetBlue Airlines

7 Major Things to Know About JetBlue Airlines

John F Kennedy International Airport is known as the main base of this low-cost airlines. It is one of the most important low budget airlines of the United States of America. Apart from all this, JetBlue Airlines is famous for its service or amenities. After the Coronavirus crisis, JetBlue Airlines has started its flight service again. To do your flight ticket booking contact JetBlue Airlines Reservations any time and they will provide relevant service to the customers always. In this article, we will discuss some major points of JetBlue Airlines before flying with it.

JetBlue Airlines Things to Know Before Booking

New York City-based airlines known as 6th largest airlines of the United States of America and in the year 2018 JetBlue touch another milestone by touching 7 billion dollar revenue. That makes JetBlue a strong pillar in the aviation industry. Meanwhile, if you are looking for JetBlue Airlines Flight Tickets then you should these important things first.

1. Where Does JetBlue Airlines Fly?

JetBlue Airlines focus on domestic routes mainly and their main concentration over six major cities – Boston; Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood, Florida; Los Angeles (Long Beach); Orlando; New York and San Juan. To see the full list kindly Visit JetBlue Official Site. Total Destination of JetBlue Airlines Nearly 102 cities, including destinations in the Caribbean Island and Latin America.

2. Fare Option of JetBlue Airlines

JetBlue Airlines have total five kind of option

  1. JetBlue Airlines Blue Basic
  2. JetBlue Blue
  3. Blue Plus
  4. JetBlue Blue Extra
  5. JetBlue Mint

Let's know about these

JetBlue Blue Basic – Passenger can carry 1 beg and personal items (17*13*8) and it can adjust behind your seat. Changes are not allowed and you will get last boarding option.

Blue – 1 Carry bag allowed + Passenger items. Traveler can change in flight but they have to pay minimum $75(Starting price is $75) and general priority during boarding time.

Blue Plus – 1 carry bag and 1 checked in bag allowed + personal item. General priority in Boarding area and passenger can do changes in flight booking but they have to pay minimum $75.

Blue Extra – You can have one carry bag with your personal things. No check in bag facility available but passengers are allowed to do any changes in flight booking and they have first priority in boarding area.

JetBlue Mint – JetBlue mint considers as the Premium product, Passengers get a “lie-flat" seat facility with some serious shuteye during long air journey. Airlines provide a special treat for mint flyers. Most of the airplane JetBlue has almost 16 fully lie-flat seats and four in which have full privacy like door (basically there are suits like with private door facility). JetBlue Launch Mint service from the year 2013 and one way fare starting from $599.

JetBlue Boarding

3. JetBlue Airlines Baggage Policy

JetBlue provides 1 personal item and a carry bag with ticket's fare but you have more luggage then you must have to pay them. There price list for Blue Basic, Blue, and Blue extra – 1st bag $35, 2nd bag $45. For Blue Plus traveler i1st check-in bag is free but they have to pay for the second bag $45. For JetBlue mint and Mosaic flyers, 1st and 2nd baggage check-in bag is included with ticket fares.

JetBlue fare

If you have another luggage it means 3rd baggage then you have to pay $150 to airlines.

4. JetBlue Airlines Ammonites & Features

A Customer Bill of Rights

If something happens bad or any kind of unexpected thing happens with customers, then they can do complain to airlines about that incident and ask for considerable compensation or re-accommodation. That's called A Customer Bill of Rights.

Free Wi-Fi

JetBlue named their Wi-Fi services as “Fly-Fi" and provide a seat to seat in-flight internet service to the passengers

Best Fare Guarantee

JetBlue Airlines has a very special quality that if you will find JetBlue deal on any third party cheaper JetBlue Airlines Official Site then airlines will give you refund of the fare difference and add a credit of $50 to the traveler.

5. Legroom of JetBlue Airlines

JetBlue Airlines' seats are so pitched and have extra legroom because of Brazilian-built Embraer 190 (E190). So, relaxed and chill if you are worried about it.

6. Customer Review for JetBlue Airlines

If we talk about customer satisfaction for JetBlue Airlines then you will surprise to know that JetBlue grip 2nd place in customer's feedback. In 2018 and 2019 JetBlue has held that position. That's help JetBlue to capture the aviation market.

7. How Can You Save Money on Online Booking

Now, it is the main topic that how can you save money on online JetBlue Airlines Flight Booking. Then you should know multiple factors. Here are some possible money-saving way on online flight booking.

  1. Do Online Booking – If you do booking on mobile phone then JetBlue Airlines add $25 per person according to fare price.
  2. Keep Eyes on JetBlue Airlines Deals – Passenger should check JetBlue Airlines Flight Deals page often for exclusive deals and offers.
  3. Become Frequent Flyer Member – JetBlue Airlines frequent Flyer program called as “TrueBlue". Be the member of it and then you can enjoy cheaper flight deals on JetBlue Airlines.

So, these are important points to remember, if you are thinking to take JetBlue Airlines flights and you can contact JetBlue Airlines Reservations desk for ticket booking. Till then take care of your family and yourself. Have a nice day.

Even More Space

Expand your seating space with JetBlue's Even More Space feature that offers up to 7" more legroom, early boarding & more. This feature allows you to stretch out and relax with up to 38" of legroom space on every JetBlue Airlines flight, early boarding (better to nab the overhead bin), plus earlier access to the security checkpoint.

Here are the Features of Even More Space

  • Extra Space: Take a long stride of your legroom with up to 7" extra space (that's up to 38").
  • Early Boarding: Board your JetBlue flight earlier than others, even if you made a JetBlue Blue Basic fare. Also, you can be among the first off the plane if you've selected an Even More Space seat in the first few rows.
  • Early Access to Overhead Bins: All Even More Space travelers can take a free carry-on bag with the advantage of the early boarding process to get first dibs on that coveted overhead bin space.
  • Extra Speed: Passengers traveling with Even More Space seats get Even More Speed too, which leads them to the speedy security checkpoint (available in 49+ cities).

Which seats offer the Even More Space feature onboard the aircraft?

For a passenger made a JetBlue Airlines flight booking, they get two different configurations of JetBlue Airbus A321:

  • An all-core layout with 190 seats: This layout features 40 Even More Space seats in rows 1 through 5, 10, and 23 with rows 10 and 23 being emergency exit rows.
  • A layout that includes Mint that features 16 Mint seats and 143 core seats: This layout features Even More Space in rows 1 through 5 and rows 10 and 11 with 10 and 11 being emergency exit rows. Seats 9A, 9F, 10A, and 10F do not recline due to their proximity to the exit rows.

Please note that Even More Space is available in rows 1, 12, 13, and 14 on JetBlue's Embraer 190 with Row 12 is designated the emergency exit row.

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