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8 Amazing Things to Do in Cuba

8 Amazing Things to Do in Cuba

What to do in CUBA to make your trip remarkable and astounding?

From enchanted beaches to beautiful museums, Cuba has many blissful places which everyone will love to explore. This blissful island nation which is just 90 miles from the United States seems like a world away which will blow your mind and will leave a great memory in your life. Because it’s so different from the rest of the world, visitors may find some problems in finding some best things to see in CUBA. It has got something for all the history-lovers, the museum showcases the weapons and shows that history is still very much alive.

This is the list of 8 things which you can do and places which everyone should visit once in their lifetime.

Hemingway Museum

The Ernest Hemingway House was the residence of author Ernest Hemingway in Key West, Florida, United State, home about ten miles outside Havana. Earnest Hemingway lived and wrote here for more than 10 years. The impressive home is considered as a place where he wrote “the old man”, “the sea”, and “for whom the bell tolls”. Hemingway museum is a sprawling estate on a hill with a big swimming pool. You will find solace in this beautiful place surrounded by water.

There is a Cuban band playing near the entrance with a fill rum bar. You will also hear the story about Hemingway’s time and you can discover many facts about that time

Dance in Cuba

Dancing in the streets! Might seem insane to many of us but dancing down at the Callejon de Hemel is just like a regular thing. Random live music is the norm and the Afro-Cuban rumba is the mesmerizing thing for every passing tourist. Basically, Callejon de Hemel is where many famous musicians used to cut their teeth in the 40s and 50s. This place can make anyone dance and the area also gives a great photo opportunity with bold African murals.

Enjoy Your Tour in a Classic Car

Are you a car lover and want a tour of Cuba in the best cars? No worries! You can enjoy your trip through Habana Vieja along the water in a bright pink convertible Cadillac or any other Cuba’s trademark classic cars. It is another touristy thing worth doing which can make your trip exceptional. Of course if you fancy cars and love to gather information regarding the roar of the engine then it might not be possible, but not that much important.

So be ready to enjoy your tour in your favorite classic car!

Explore the Mountains

Topes de Collantes is the famous mountainous national park about 25 minutes from Trinidad on the southern coast of the island. This beautiful national park has something mesmerizing for you! This park sits in the Sierra Escambray Mountains with short traits leading to underground caves, waterfalls and hidden swimming holes.

It’s the sort of tropical mountain scenery that is surely Caribbean. This place is considered the best escape from all the towns, cities where you can spend your time and jump into a pool under the waterfall.

Drink More Mojitos

Just keep all your worries aside and drink more Mojitos than you ever have! And make sure they contain the authentic Havana club rum for a true and great experience. There are several places where you can enjoy your mojitos which includes the hotel Nacional de Cuba, Al Caponee, Sinatra, etc.

Enjoy your mojitos in some really good places where musicians play with a great enthusiasm and skills.

Enjoy Your Lunch

Cuba has got some really good restaurants and food corners where you can enjoy your lunch. Finca Agroecologica El Paraiso is a small restaurant set on the top of a hill overlooking a vast agricultural valley with sky high green mountains. Many of the tourists go there to enjoy their lunch. The food literally tastes like farm-to-table, is so fresh and tasty. The tables are placed in such an order that one can enjoy the stunning views of the countryside. This place is an absolute must-visit!


Disco Ayala is a famous dance club which is 100 feet underground and gives you an opportunity to dance all your heart out with giant video screens. Clubbing, dancing and enjoying night life along with drinks is always a great thing to do. Even if you are not into dancing, then also this place gives a different experience to go clubbing in a cave.

Enjoy clubbing with a worth visiting place where locals will also give you an appreciable company!


The preserved old places and colonial architecture of Cuba creates a fascinating atmosphere. Visitors can enjoy the beaches which makes it an interesting place. Casilda Bay offers clear water which gives you an opportunity of snorkeling and diving. You can relax on powdered sand beaches if you are tired of your crazy adventures in Cuba.

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