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The most walkable beach walks in the USA

The most walkable beach walks in the USA

The 12,380 miles coastline of America, makes for beautiful spots to unwind and cherish the nature’s beautiful landscape. The coastal trails in America are a great amalgamation of civilization and nature. The coastal walks provide a chance to admire the scenery and experience the adrenaline rush that it brings. JetBlue Airlines offers deals and discount on these destinations, you can visit to JetBlue Airlines Official Site for more information.

You will also get the opportunity to let your thoughts wander, away from the usual day-to-day monotony and get influenced by nature’s serene and tranquil rhythm.

Here is the list of some select beach walks all across the USA that you will love to hit up, in the coming summer of 2019.

1. Clayhead Trail, Rhode Island

The coastal pathways interconnected with the latticework sounds like a place to get frustrated and lost. But surprisingly, “the maze” at the Clayhead Trail is a place that the islanders shower praise upon. Blaze down the footpath, to the beach for a picturesque view of the Block Island, then climb higher up to the bluffs where the scenes will only become prettier.

Necessary gear: Add a sailor’s hat, a breathable crown (which is something that will help you gel in with the locals).

2. Kalalau Trail, Kauai

The Mountainside trails along the Kauai’s northern shore is on the bucket list of most of the adrenaline junkie mountaineers. The trail rewards them with picturesque views of the steep jungle valleys, sea cliffs, and untouched Pacific beaches.

Winter season is the best time to enjoy the walk and watch the humpback whales breach the surface of the water.

After you have treaded the trail, it is quite possible that you are not able to gather the strength to go back to your resort, you do not need to worry, and with the help of the sightseeing helicopters you can make the 22-mile long overhead trip in less than an hour.

3. Sunken Forest, New York

The Seashore of Fire Island has more beaches than sidewalks. Marvel the rare holly forest which is on the leeward side of the sand dunes while you are trailblazing the 1.5 miles long boardwalk-trail.

The beautiful saltwater barrier island is a freshwater swamp in which the rainwater soaks like a sponge. This place can be a perfect picnic spot as well, so do not forget to pack your compostable picnic set.

4. Umpqua Dunes, Winchester Bay, Oregon

This place is so plain and barren that you may find yourself searching for camels or Bedouins. It is a long 10-mile collection of curling dunes by the coast of Oregon.

You do not have to find a gym to do your lunges as each step will sink into the loose sand. And after you have rounded over the last dune, do not forget to spot the Umpqua lighthouse and the Pacific Ocean.

And while enjoying your night jaunt by the edge of the beach, be sure to collect some bay clams, mussels, and littlenecks that you can take as souvenirs.

5. Dungeness Trail, Georgia

This island feels like an open-air museum that is sprinkled with mind-sweeping ocean sights. This trail on the Cumberland Island is accessible only by ferry and is unspoiled wilderness is maintained by the wild horses that wander freely.

After the ferry landing and after a 3-km walk beside the seashores you will get a chance to experience the ruins of the Carnegie Mansion and the Nathanael Greene’s hunting cemetery-like lodge, enough to spook you with its surroundings, soaked with Indian midden and Spanish moss.

6. Tony Knowles Shore trail, Alaska

This 11- mile trail hugging the coast of Anchorage is an amalgamation of mountains and skyscrapers, striving for your attention. You will eyewitness some of the fastest tides at Knik Arm.

Do not forget to spare some time and pay your tribute to the Earthquake Park in which 75 houses were destroyed by the 9.2 Richter scale quake in 1964. It is the deadliest recorded earthquake in North America.

Necessary gear: A walk by the seaside terrain requires you to wear a serious pair of anti-blister socks.

7. Precipice Trail, Maine

The 1,000 feet hike, up the East face of Champlain Mountains, is one which carries amazing thrills and that too in a short trail. The boulders will act like stairs, but do not forget to carry your iron handhold as the climb is mostly vertical.

And, while you are mountaineering do not forget to see the Cranberry islands, the rare Peregrine falcon residing in the rock crevices and the mesmerizing views of the Maine coast in the backdrop.

Essential gear: This hike is undoubtedly the most challenging of all the hikes mentioned above, so be sure to bring your handheld iron and a GPS enabled watch that will help you make your way back to the beach after your strenuous trek.

8. California Coastal Trail, California

This trail is the dream project of Teddy Roosevelt, with the aim of creating a National Park system by connecting the California Coastal Trail that connects the 2,000 km Pacific coastline to the public footpath.

The CCT ranging from Santa Barbara to the Oregon Border comprises mellow seascapes in Mendocino County, parched views of the Tijuana and a manic surf at Big Sur.

Essential gear: This too is a strenuous hike, but the most constant risk for hikers is the Sun! So do not forget to carry your beach Sunscreen.

9. Third Beach of Oil City, West Virginia

This is a part rugged and part beach walk, sprinkled with amazing mountain views and mellow ocean vistas. Some of the most beautiful species of nature come out to relax and soak in the Sun during the low tide like the anemones, sea slugs, red sunflower starfish to keep you company.

So, whenever you go there, make sure that your tide table and trail maps are in proper working order.

Necessary gear: When staring at the tide-pools, your boots may get muddy very quickly, so do not forget to strap-in a pair of gaiters to keep out the debris from your hiking boots.

So, without further ado, put on your hiking boots and set out for America’s most amazing coastal walks. You can book your flight tickets by calling the JetBlue Airlines Reservations to some of the most pedestrian-friendly coastal towns. You will surely find the best deals, as you will be booking well in advance.

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