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Europe Start to Re-Open

Europe Start to Re-Open

It might be good news for travelers and tourism industries that some European countries re-opening their borders after the COIVD-19 pandemic. But they have some rules on traveling which makes these countries safe. Countries like France, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Greece, and Netherland have eased travel restrictions and now they are open for international tourists (For European Union only). Italy, Cyprus, and Croatia these countries have already carried out restrictions from international tourism. The European continent is seems to emerge from this pandemic which we know as Coronavirus crisis.

If you are planning to visit Europe for summer vacation then you should check if your country allows international travel and double check to visiting countries’ medical test, compulsory steps and other important advices. People should not forget that other European countries like Spain have announced that they will start welcoming international tourists from 1st of July 2020, recently that date was 21st of June. Denmark who has strictly follow these rules and they will not allow any international air travel tourists until September 2020.

Here are some important things like which countries should visit, what is the policy on the corona crisis, and other safety measures. So, read this and do accordingly –

1. Denmark

As we read about Denmark above, the country has permitted Germany, Norway, and Iceland in special circumstances if they are staying in the country from at least 6 nights. Denmark's government has decided to keep closed its border for citizens from other nations until September 2020.

2. Finland

Finland's government has decided to give some hand in restriction as they are allowing peoples from Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania (Balkans Countries) only and rest world should wait till 14th of July because they will make a decision this day.

3. France

France has taken a bold move by opening its border for most European countries now, as we know that France was one of those major European countries that faced the corona crisis on the worst level. There is important news for Travelers from the United Kingdom, they have to keep themselves quarantined for 14 days after reaching here.

4. Germany

Germany is open to all European Countries, people can travel to Germany via road, water, and air. People who are from outside of the European Continent are not allowing to travel. It means if you are not from Europe then you can enter Germany due to the pandemic.

5. Greece

Greece has opened on a wide level, it means the country has opened on a global level. Flight for Greece has resumed from most countries excluding those high-risk areas. Those people who are traveling from France, The United Kingdom, The United States of American, and Belgium have to follow some medical procedures. Low risk-countries from outside of Europe like New Zealand, Australia, Israel, South Korea, Japan, Lebanon, and China are permitted to visit Greece. People those flying from The United States of America should contact Delta Airlines Reservations Official Site for instant ticket booking.

6. Austria

On the 16th of June 2020, Austria has unlocked for 31 Countries (People can see a list of countries from the official Austrian government website). People traveling from Sweden, Portugal, Spain, or the UK have to follow isolation procedures if they have no COVID-19 test report.

7. United Kingdom

As we all know the United Kingdom did not impose any kind of restriction but in starting of June month, they have compulsory 14 days isolation period for all arrivals excluding some Iceland, Guernsey, and the channel island.

8. Switzerland

Switzerland has elevated all kinds of things and no quarantine period for people of the European Continent. These decisions have taken for all countries like the United Kingdom also. So, you can easily enjoy this place without any hesitation but always remember to stay safe.

9. Sweden

There is an important decision taken by Sweden that they will kick travel restrictions on Greece, France, Switzerland, Slovenia, Belgium, Luxembourg, Portugal, Croatia, Spain, and on 30 June. And the rest of Europe is still in their not allowed radar.

10. Portugal

Portugal has started international air travel from this month with European countries and those farther afield, including the US. The government has withdrawn the isolation process here. It means there is no need to be quarantined here. You can Contact Tap Airlines Official Site for Ticket Booking.

11. Poland

Poland has open for EU countries with a quarantine period. It means you can visit Poland freely but as a responsible human being, you must take care of yourself.

12. Norway

Norway has opened for neighboring Nordic countries (excluding Sweden) only. The country will again re-consider to remove travel restriction on the 20th of July 2020. So, if you want to go to Norway then you must be doing wait for the right moment now.

13. Netherlands

The Netherlands is a real beautiful international tourist place, and they have decided to erase travel restrictions on arrivals from some Schengen (excluding Sweden and the UK) and the European Union countries. So, follow all medical security measures and enjoy visiting this wonderful place.

14. Italy

Italy was re-opened on the 3rd of June 2020. The country is unlocked for European Countries and they do not have any kind of isolation policy on arrival, even travelers are flying from the United Kingdom. But, if you are flying from a third country outside Europe, it means you have to follow the quarantine period then.

15. Ireland

Ireland has regularly kept their travel restriction a little soft and hard both, in other words, travel-related test and compulsory steps. Most people have to keep themselves isolate for 14 days (excluding those people who are traveling from the Northern Ireland area).

Other countries like Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia they all are re-opening slowly. These countries are unlocking on their terms and condition but as a responsible person, we should make sure that following all medical terms, which have been suggested by doctors. This is the best way for safe traveling.

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