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Jetblue Flight Booking | JetBlue Airlines Flight Tickets

jetblue airlines

When we talk about American ultra-low-cost carrier Air travel then jetblue Airlines comes in mind. jetblue Airlines is really low cost air travel method in the United States of America and Jetblue Airline has headquartered in Denver, Colorado. You should know that jetblue Airlines offer exclusive deals on booking and arrange competition for folks. If you want to travel with it then you have to do jetblue Airlines Reservations.

Tend to enjoy various benefits and amenities during your flight but hate to pay extra for the services? No problem! In that case, JetBlue Airlines Reservations offer free snacks, drinks, fast WIFI and many other services during the flight journey. Which make your journey so comfortable and happier.

Why Choose JetBlue Airlines Reservations?

Customer's Safety and Satisfaction- Top Priority

JetBlue Airline tends to provide a comfortable and safe journey from the beginning to the end of the flight journey. For customer's satisfaction and convenience, JetBlue Airline is going above and beyond to keep all safe. You can check major things on JetBlue Airlines Official Site.

JetBlue Low-Cost Flight Tickets

All passengers can make low-cost flight bookings and can also get great deals and discounts. This airline allows you to make easy and hassle-free JetBlue Airlines booking in various ways. You can visit many amazing places without giving extra load to your pockets and that is good for all, it means if you are on holiday then you can save on travel and spent on other things.

JetBlue Best In-Flight Services

JetBlue Airlines always worry for their customer, so they think about their customer first. Now, JetBlue Airlines provide comfortable seats to best in-flight services, and they are always ready to make your flight journey remarkable.

  • Comfortable seats – every seat of JetBlue airline comes with relaxing, comfortable seats and legroom.
  • Entertainment options- customers can enjoy various movies, series, and many more during their seamless journey.

JetBlue Airlines Flight Reservations

Customers can make their JetBlue Airlines ticket booking in various ways: through JetBlue mobile application, by visiting JetBlue official Site, by directly visiting the airport or contacting the JetBlue ticket booking team on phone call. The dedicated team of JetBlue airline is available 24*7 to assist you or to solve your queries and doubts.

How to Make Low-Cost JetBlue Airlines Flight Booking?

Planning your vacation trip with your family and kids and want to book JetBlue flight tickets without any inconvenience? No worries! JetBlue Airways offer many ways by which you can book your budget-friendly flight tickets to your favorite destination. Customers can easily make hassle-free flight reservations according to their comfort and convenience. Following are the ways of booking reasonable flight tickets:

  • The JetBlue flight tickets can be booked by directly through JetBlue Airlines official website by typing
  • Customers can also make hassle-free reservations through their Android or IOS mobile phones by downloading the JetBlue mobile app.
  • The expert team of JetBlue reservations is available round the clock to assist you or to guide you. To avoid any kind of inconvenience you can also book your flight tickets by contacting the JetBlue Airline helpdesk team.

Through JetBlue Airlines Official Site

Customers can easily visit JetBlue Airlines Reservations and can book cheap flight tickets to their preferred destinations in just a few clicks. Along with trouble-free flight ticket bookings, you can also manage your existing flight reservations, make changes and enjoy other benefits available.

Reservations through JetBlue Airlines Mobile App

For customer's comfort and convenience, JetBlue Airlines offers its mobile-friendly app that can be downloaded in you android or IOS mobile phones. This way of making hassle-free reservations provides you with a great opportunity to book flight tickets anytime, anywhere.

Reservations at the Airport

Customers unable to make flight reservations online can directly visit the nearest airport to book their flight tickets. The professionals are available at the airport ticket counter to assist you with the best. You just need to tell some details to them and you are all set to fly.

JetBlue Airlines Official Site

From easy flight bookings to changing your existing flight reservations, JetBlue's official site offers many services which you can enjoy without going anywhere.

Services are:

  • Easy reservations
  • Check-in
  • Managing flight bookings
  • Upgrading seats
  • Changing or cancelling flight bookings
  • Baggage policy

Benefits of JetBlue Airlines Official Site

  • Great deals and offers
  • Easy cancellations and refunds
  • Hassle-free bookings
  • Available Anytime, anywhere
  • Services can be enjoyed 24*7
  • Amazing vacation packages
  • Exclusive discounts

Contact JetBlue Airlines!

Sometime customers are in real hurry so they want immediate booking or reservations of JetBlue flight tickets, in this circumstances they can contact the dedicated team of JetBlue Airline Reservations. The experts are there 24*7 to assist you or to resolve any related query. The customer helpdesk team can also help you with the flight schedules, in-flight meal options, departure time, arrival time, etc.

JetBlue Airlines Privacy

When you book your flight tickets, In that case you have to share several personal details but don't worry about your personal information that you have shared with JetBlue Airlines. JetBlue Airlines maintains your trust and keeps your details safe. The experts are there to maintain the privacy of your shared data. Because we understand importance of personal information and that is not on our privacy to leak customer's personal data. You should think about how you can enjoy your tour.

Seat Selection with JetBlue Airlines

JetBlue Airlines gives a decent option to the customers to select seats according to their preference. JetBlue Airlines helps to enhance a customer's overall flight experience with the option of choosing a comfortable seat for their flight. JetBlue flights are one of the most trusted air passenger carriers in the whole of the American continent and also the London area.

JetBlue allows its customers to make an advance seat reservation using the “manage my booking” feature on official site. If you are looking for comfortable seating options with JetBlue Airlines, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit JetBlue Airlines' official site or search website.
  2. Sign in to your account with correct login credentials, such as your username and password.
  3. Now, select the “Manage Booking” tab and click on your booked JetBlue flight by pressing the next button.
  4. Click on the seat tab and select the seat of your preference.
  5. After selecting the seats of your choice, choose the flight schedule to confirm your JetBlue flight booking and plane seats.

If you still have any doubts regarding JetBlue's seat selection process, call the toll-free JetBlue reservations helpdesk phone number to get complete knowledge and proper guidance.

JetBlue Airlines Baggage Policy

It is normal to have baggage during travel, JetBlue airlines have very different kind of baggage policy, and JetBlue airlines have five type of travel class mainly. Airline allow personal item and 1 carry-on bag in normal fare travel. But if you are traveling with some luggage or you have some baggage then you have to pay money to the airline. Like if you are carrying 1 baggage then blue, blue basic, blue extra customers pay $35 on 1st baggage and $45 for 2nd baggage. Blue plus, JetBlue mint, Mosaic, JetBlue plus card member have relaxation on 1st baggage and $45 for blue plus and card member on 2nd and JetBlue mint and Mosaic customers no need payment for 2nd baggage. So, you should know this thing during JetBlue Airlines Reservations.

To understand it easily you should visit JetBlue airlines official site and you can find other important information. And when you suppose to travel with JetBlue airlines try to reduce luggage.

What Are JetBlue Airways Checked Luggage Rules?

If you are travelling to any domestic or international destination worldwide and you need to bring much more with you, then you must go through all the luggage policies of JetBlue Airlines. For your comfort and convenience, JetBlue Airlines allows you to carry baggage along with you.

Passengers can carry one personal item like a briefcase, purse, laptop bag, etc. and one carry-on with them without paying any additional fee. JetBlue Airlines offers flexible baggage/ luggage policy so that every traveler can travel with their necessary things.

You don't have to worry about travelling light when it comes to JetBlue Airlines. Each flight ticket includes a carry-on, but that doesn't mean you can carry everything you want. Customers need to follow the JetBlue Airlines luggage policy in order to make their travelling experience comfortable and convenient.

JetBlue Airlines Checked Luggage Policy

JetBlue Airlines fare options include a different number of checked bags which a traveler can carry during the flight journey. Checked baggage fee varies by the fare options selected during JetBlue Airlines booking and dates the fare was booked.

Blue Basic$35$45
Blue Plusincluded$45
Blue Extra$35$45
JetBlue Plus Cardmemberincluded$45

JetBlue Checked Baggage Size

  • The overall dimensions of checked baggage should not be more than 62 inches or 157.48 cm including wheels and handles.
  • Passengers need to pay an extra fee of $150 per bag having the dimensions of 63-80 inches or 160-203.3 cm.
  • Bags more than 80 inches or 203.3 cm will not be accepted by JetBlue Airlines.

JetBlue Checked Baggage Weight

  • The weight of checked baggage should not be more than 50 pounds or 22.68 kg.
  • Passengers have to pay an extra fee of $150 per bag for the bags weighing between 51-99 pounds or 22.68-44.91 kg.
  • Bags weighing more than 99 pounds or 44.91 kg will not be accepted by JetBlue Airlines.

JetBlue Airlines Checked Baggage and Exceptional Items

  • Exceptional items like sports equipment are accepted as checked luggage and often passengers don't need to pay an extra fee for such items.
  • Passengers don't have to pay an extra baggage fee to check a golf bag, as long as it does not exceed the required weight and size.
  • Travelers have to pay an extra fee of $100 for carrying their bicycles as checked luggage.
  • Overweight baggage fees will not be charged for bikes, but the weight of bikes should not be more than 99 lbs.
  • Musical instruments can also be carried as checked luggage.
  • No extra fee will be charged for musical instruments within required size and weight restrictions.

JetBlue Airline Checked Luggage Allowance

  • The maximum dimension of checked baggage must be 62 inches or 157.48 cm.
  • The weight of checked baggage should not be more than 50lbs or 22.68kg.
  • There is no checked baggage fee for Blue Plus and Blue Flex fares.
  • BLUE: $30 is charged for the first bag and $40 for the second bag
  • BLUE PLUS: $40 is charged for the second bag
  • MINT fare passengers can carry two checked baggage for free up to 7lbs.
  • For oversized checked bags, a fee of $150 is charged.
  • Bags larger than 80 inches or heavier than 99 lbs will not be accepted as checked bags.

Easy Check-In With JetBlue Airlines

Customer's satisfaction is the most important thing for low-cost JetBlue airlines and to avoid any chaos or hassle, JetBlue Airline offers several ways to check-in. customers can easily check-in according to their convenience and comfort:

  • Online check-in (through the JetBlue official website)
  • Mobile check-in (through JetBlue mobile application)
  • Curbside check-in at the airport
  • Ticket counter check-in at the airport
  • Self-service kiosk check-in

How to Check-in Online With JetBlue Airways?

JetBlue Airways provides you with an opportunity to check-in online from the comfort of your home or office. Passengers travelling with JetBlue Airlines can check-in online easily and quickly through JetBlue Airlines Official Site.

  • JetBlue Airways online check-in starts 24 hours before the scheduled flight departure and ends 40 minutes (for domestic flights) and for international flights check-in ends 60 minutes prior to the scheduled departure, depending on the destination and departure city.
  • Passengers can easily receive a boarding pass on their Android or IOS mobile phones.
  • JetBlue Online check-in process allows you to pay bag fees.
  • It is not mandatory to be a TrueBlue member to enjoy the benefit of online check-in.
  • Passengers can use this facility to check-in up to 10 bags.

JetBlue Airlines travelers can use this online check-in option if:

  • They have an electrostatic ticket.
  • Customer can access their JetBlue booking with their confirmation code, an e-ticket number or frequent flyer account.
  • You are not a special needs passenger like if you're travelling with your pet or if you're an unaccompanied minor.

What Size Bags You Can Carry on JetBlue Airways for Free in 2020?

Carry-on Allowance

  • JetBlue Airlines allows you to carry one personal item like a purse, laptop bag, etc. and 1 carry-on bag per traveler for free.
  • The maximum dimension of carry-on should be 45 linear inches (22*14*9) or 115 centimeters (56*36*23) including handles and wheels.
  • Carry-on bag and the personal item must fit the overhead bin or under the seat in front of you.
  • The maximum dimension of the personal item should be 41 linear inches (18*15*8) or 94 centimeters (46*38*20) for A320 and E190 aircraft.
  • For A321 aircraft the maximum dimension should be 41 linear inches (17*13*11) or 94 cm (43*33*28)

JetBlue Checked Baggage Allowance

  • Maximum dimensions of the checked baggage should be 62 inches or 157 centimeters (length + width + height).
  • The weight of checked bags should not be more than 50 pounds or 23 kg.
  • Extra fee is applied for all the checked baggage exceeding the required weight, size or dimensions.
  • Blue fares do not cover the cost of any checked bag and increase with the number checked.
  • Blue Plus fares include only one bag.
  • Blue Flex fares include two bags.

JetBlue Oversize Baggage Fees

  • JetBlue Airlines charges an extra fee of $150 for the bags that are from 63 to 80 linear inches or from 158 to 203 centimeters.
  • Bags greater than 80 linear inches or 203 centimeters will not be accepted as checked baggage or hold luggage.

JetBlue Airlines Delays, Cancellations, and Schedule Changes

JetBlue Airlines always tends to provide smooth travel experience to everyone and is also aware of the fact that there are times when things don't go as planned. For customer's satisfaction and convenience, JetBlue Airlines provides flexible policies.

JetBlue Airlines Flight Delays

Weather Disruptions

  • JetBlue Airlines ensures to stick to their flight scheduled. Weather can sometimes cause flight delays so, in those situations, JetBlue Airlines have plans and options to help with your travel. Customer's safety is always JetBlue's top priority.
  • Weather anywhere along the flight routes can lead to delay or flight cancellation.
  • For weather-related flight cancellations, JetBlue provides every effort to cancel flights more than 4 hours before the scheduled departure but it totally depends on the circumstances.
  • Different kind of weather conditions may not be visible to the customers like wind and in-cloud thunderstorm.

JetBlue Fee Waiver

In the situation when fee waiver has been issued, impacted passengers can change or cancel their scheduled flights without paying any extra fee or penalty by clicking on the option “Manage Travel” (available on JetBlue Airlines Official Site) or by contacting the JetBlue Airlines team.

Customers need to provide the following details:

  • Confirmation number
  • Customer's first and last name and other personal details
  • Flight number
  • Dates or travel

No Fee Waiver

  • JetBlue Airlines does not waive fees unless fee waiver has been issued or the delay of 30 minutes or more or flight cancellations have occurred.
  • The decision to flight delay or flight cancellation due to harsh weather is made on the day the flight is scheduled to depart.

JetBlue Flight Cancellations

If the flight is cancelled by JetBlue Airlines for any reason like due to weather and you had a confirmed flight reservation at the time of flight cancellation, the following options are provided by JetBlue Airlines:

  • Customers can travel on the next available JetBlue flight at no extra fee.
  • Customers can receive a JetBlue Travel Bank Credit.
  • Customers can receive a refund to the original form of payment if the JetBlue flight cannot be rebooked within 120 minutes or 2 hours.

JetBlue Flight Schedule Changes

If your flight schedule is changed by JetBlue Airlines, the following options are available based on the extent of the change:

  • Changes of 60 minutes or less: any extra voluntary changes customer wish to make will depend on the applicable fees and any increase in airfare.
  • Changes between 61 to 119 minutes: customers can travel on another JetBlue flights on the same day, the day before or after the original flight without paying any extra fee.
  • Changes of 2 hours or more: customers can travel on another JetBlue flight within 7 days before or after the originally scheduled flight at no extra fee or charge.

Voluntary changes or cancellations depend on the associated fare rules, fees, and any increase in airfare. For voluntary cancellations, the funds will be issued as Travel Bank Credit.

Steps to Cancel JetBlue Flight Tickets Online

JetBlue Airlines flight cancelation policy is easy to understand and follow. Now, customers can cancel their JetBlue flight tickets online on their devices. Follow these easy steps to cancel a flight with JetBlue Airlines:

  • Visit JetBlue Airlines' official website or search on your device web browser.
  • Log into your account by entering your correct credentials.
  • Visit the “Manage my Booking” section and enter your last name and JetBlue flight booking ID in the required columns.
  • Now, select the flight you are looking to cancel.
  • After canceling the flight, apply for a ticket refund.
  • JetBlue will automatically cancel your ticket booking, and you will receive the refund amount within 7 to 14 business days.

You can also cancel your JetBlue flight booking by calling their toll-free phone number: +1-800-538-2583 or +1 202-684-3533. The JetBlue customer care executives are ready to resolve your issue at any time with an appropriate solution.

JetBlue Airlines Flight Group Booking

Everyone wishes to invest their vacation trips with their family members and friends in their favorite location. And here is what JetBlue Airway has to provide if you're traveling in a group of ten or even more people and want to sit together on the same plane.

We have almost no opportunity to enjoy away from our hectic schedules since very few can manage to travel by air. But there's no need to feel embarrassed because JetBlue Airlines now offers a group travel option at a decent price for JetBlue Airlines flight booking Group Travel.

What are the conditions for group booking?

If you want to reserve your flights and accommodation as a family or a group, you can do so up to seven times again for seven number of people. JetBlue airways allows a minimum of 10 people traveling all in the same aircraft when trying to book a group flight. JetBlue airlines tickets are available at a minimal price.

Seats can be reserved for $50 for each seat till 30 days before the flight's departure. If you withdraw your Group Booking seats, you will lose all of your cash.

Eligibility for JetBlue group booking

Sports, youth, church, and school are all important to me. Society organization.

It is recommended that you make your group bookings on the very same flight the same day and. If consumers make the journey separately from the group, the booking would be treated as an individual reservation.

What amount you need to deposit?

To assure the seat, you must pay $50 for every person in under 14 days of reservation. If the group intends to make the journey throughout a quiet period, your payment is attributable within 7 days of the start time. After this payment, your deposit amount would be applied to the full payment. JetBlue reserves the right to reject the flight booking if the passenger has been unable to pay full fare even before departure date.

What is the procedure of payment for JetBlue Group Booking?

For internal flights, the payment is due 30 days even before flight's exit. The full payment for foreign flights is attributable 60 days well before aircraft's exit. Most of the details given above would be accurate and shows the importance of group booking.

If necessary, you can contact JetBlue Airlines Booking customer service immediately. Aside from just that, you can write your consideration in a mail to the JetBlue airlines' department, and this is suggested that you verify the airlines' frequent coupons and discounts.

Travel with your Pet on JetBlue Flights

JetBlue Airways gives you an option to travel with a pet to your favorite destination in the United States. The carrier small dogs and cats inside the flight cabin. The pet carrier must be FAA-approved that fits comfortably under the seat in front of the passenger.

Travel Requirements for Pets

Domestically: JetBlue allows pets on all domestic flights. If you are planning to fly within the United States, the vaccination requirements vary from state to state. It is mandatory to carry an animal vaccination certificate to Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Customers are responsible to carry their pet import requirements and acquiring all necessary documentation before traveling with a pet.

Internationally: JetBlue Airways does not accept pets on flights to Trinidad & Tobago and to/from London. The requirement to enter a U.S. territory is based on the country of origin. If there is a failure to meet the necessary requirements, you may be denied entry.

Customers are responsible to carry their pet import requirements and acquiring all necessary documentation before traveling with a pet.

For flights to Barbados, Grand Cayman, Jamaica, St. Lucia, Customers traveling with pets are urged to begin the travel process at least 30 days prior to travel to prepare your dog or cat to travel.

For countries with high risk of rabies, JetBlue won’t accept dogs or cats on flights to or from Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru. This is in accordance with the CDC guidelines on dog importation from certain countries.

Dogs entering from Colombia, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Guyana, Haiti, and Honduras, must provide the following documentation to get clearance for travel to the United States:

  • Have a valid U.S.-issued rabies vaccine certificate or CDC Dog Import permit
  • Have a microchip proof
  • Be at least 6 months old
  • Be healthy upon arrived to the airport

Puppies entering the U.S.

Puppies must be at least 16 weeks old to enter the United States and must be rabies-free or properly vaccinated at least a month prior to travel. The traveler must produce the rabies vaccination certificate upon arrival that must be valid for the length of stay, and include:

  • Name and address of the pet owner
  • Dog’s breed, date of birth, sex, color and markings
  • Microchip number
  • Date of rabies vaccination, vaccination product information and expiry date, and expiration date of the vaccine
  • Name, license number, address, and signature of the veterinarian who administered the vaccination to the pet

Pet Carrier Requirements

  • Your pet and the pet carrier will be counted as one personal item and must fit under the seat in front of the passenger.
  • The dimensions of the carrier must not exceed 17" L x 12.5" W x 8.5" H (43.18 cm L x 31.75 cm W x 21.59 cm H) and the total weight of the pet and the carrier must not exceed 20 pounds.
  • Carry-on bags are not permitted but passenger can bring a personal item tin addition to the pet carrier.
  • There must be only one pet per carrier and it must be able to able to turn around comfortably when it’s closed.
  • All pets must remain inside the carrier while flying and while at the airport.

How do I change my JetBlue Airlines Flight?

Are you looking for a method to change your JetBlue flight or want to make last-minute changes to your travel plans? Then you can trust JetBlue Airlines flight change policy that enables travelers to make necessary changes to their itinerary without any hassle. Now, the days are gone when you had to wait so long for your ticket to be canceled, you get the flexibility to change your flight at any stage of booking.

Revised JetBlue Fare Policy 2022

JetBlue Airlines suggests its customers notify of any changes and cancellations before departure. Thus, the canceled fares will be credited as JetBlue Travel Credit if the tickets are refundable. However, there will be no change or cancellation fees on most JetBlue fares, except Blue Basic for tickets booked on Jun 8-Aug 24 2021, and after Nov 1, 2021. Blue Basic bookings made Aug 25-Oct 31 2021 and prior to Jun 7, 2021, there will be no fee. There will be a change/cancel fee of $100 for travel within the U.S., Caribbean, and Central America, or $200 for all other routes.

Online JetBlue Flight Changes

Online flight change is the most convenient way to make relevant changes to the booking:

Through Website: Open the official JetBlue Airlines website and complete the procedure by checking in to the ‘My Trip' tab. You need to give a flight confirmation code and the last name of the ticketed passenger mentioned on the ticket booking, departure, and destination airport.

Through Mobile App: Open the JetBlue mobile app on your device to make an online flight change. Log into your account and select the ‘My Trip' tab, however, the entire flight adjustment process is the same as the website method.

Travelers can use the JetBlue Airlines official website or mobile app to make adjustments to their booking without standing in the long queues and saving precious time.

Offline JetBlue Flight Change

Flight change with the offline method is also a great way to make relevant changes in the JetBlue Airlines reservation. You can reach out to the JetBlue customer care helpdesk by calling on their toll- free number or visiting the airline's counter at the airport. The airline's representative will help you regarding every issue and assist you to get the desired amendments/changes done.

How do I Contact the JetBlue Airways Reservations?

JetBlue is a low-cost New York-based airline and serving customers since 2000. JetBlue Airlines is one of the major American air passenger carriers and is devoted to giving customers the best they deserve. Quality inflight services, user-friendly portals, best travel experiences, amazing flight discounts, and family vacation deals. It also has an efficient customer support service, ready to serve customers for any of their concerns.

Any customers with any issue regarding JetBlue flight reservations, ticketing, baggage, managing booking, refunds, seat assignment, travel deals, or flight cancelation can contact the JetBlue Airways flight reservations representative. They provide the best and fast solution online as well as offline without any hassle.

What are the Services for which I can connect to a JetBlue Representative?

These are the popular services for which you can connect to a JetBlue flight representative.

  • JetBlue's Safety Policies
  • COVID-19 Info Hub
  • Manage booking
  • No change or cancel fees
  • Request a receipt
  • Delays and cancelations
  • Manage JetBlue Vacations
  • Other popular help topics

Talk to a JetBlue Representative on Call

If you are having any issue while making JetBlue flight booking or want to contact the reservation helpdesk for any other issue, you can dial these toll-free numbers: +1-800-538-2583 or +1 202-684-3533

Follow these steps to Talk to a JetBlue Representative on Call:

  1. Dial any of these numbers to contact the JetBlue reservations helpdesk.
  2. Follow the commands of the auto-generated voice instructor and click the right numbers according to your preferences.
  3. Wait for the connection to the live representative of JetBlue Airways.
  4. Provide all the booking details to the representative, including your name, travel date, number of passengers traveling, flight number, etc.
  5. Discuss your issue with the executive, and he will guide you with the best solution for your question.

Connect to a JetBlue Representative via Email

You can also get your queries resolved by sending an email to the JetBlue Airways helpdesk in case you are unable to contact them on call. Just email them at this address: [email protected] and ask them about your issue.

Chat with a JetBlue Representative

JetBlue also provides a chat option to connect with the reservation helpdesk official. They are available 24/7 to assist in English. For Spanish, chat daily from 9 AM-9 PM ET.

Apple Business Chat

Customers with an Apple device can use Apple Business Chat to connect with JetBlue customer support.

Apple Business chat requires the following Apple OS versions:

  • iOS 11.3 and higher
  • MacOS 10.13.4 and higher
  • WatchOS 4.3 and higher

Google Business Messenger

Customers with an Android device use Google Business Messenger to contact JetBlue Airways customer support service.

If you face any issues while making JetBlue Airways flight reservations, you can click on this link to know more:

JetBlue Airlines Frequently Asked Questions

Each passenger is permitted one carry-on backpack or one small backpack (purse, small backpack, briefcase, laptop, etc.). Personal belongings must always be stored underneath the seat next to you, whereas carry-on bags may be stored in the overhead compartment or below the seat there next to you. Our aircrafts do not have cabinets for wanting to hang clothing luggage. Carry-on bags are solely the responsibility of the client, and JetBlue accepts no obligation for property initially hired.

A complete refund is allowed for JetBlue reimbursable airfare only when the flights were decided to cancel from the PNR prior to formal departure. Refunds should be analyzed in accordance with industry standards via ARC or BSP. Flights that are not postponed prior to their departure time are not able to get a refund, and ticket prices should stay in OPEN status, prepared for future use. Tickets are justifiable for one year from the date of purchase. To organizations which does not pursue our reimbursable fare strategy, JetBlue will update a debit note for the fare and furthermore a $50 Surcharge.

Once you reserve a JetBlue flight, you'll have the choice of picking one of several fares: Blue Basic, Blue, Blue Extra, Blue Plus (obtainable in selected areas), or Basil. With perhaps the exception of Blue Basic, such fares are therefore available for TrueBlue withdrawal tickets. Keep in mind that modifying or discontinuing a booking by attempting to contact JetBlue Customer Service will result in a $25 fully refundable fee for every individual (in addition to any fees applicable to the fare). By personality online at, you could even avoid the $25 per-person service charge.

Customers are not permitted to bring fluids, lotions, or particulates far beyond the airport security testing security check, with the exception of:

One concise translucent, resealable one-quart (one-liter) plastic container containing liquids, lotions, and sprays in travel size bins (3.4 oz./100 ml capacity) or even less. It is to be noted gels, aerosol and liquids include Drinks, shower gel, sunscreen lotion, balms, laundry detergent, hair gel, hair spray.

When flying to India, you are not permitted to bring anything which contains lithium or battery cells. Equilibrium gliders and powered roller skates, as well as self-balancing panels and skateboards, are examples of these.

Travellers on JetBlue are able to try their own meals on-board. Any food products you intend to bring on that have not been acquired at a safe departure lounge, on the other hand, must comply with Public transit Security Management regulations and be capable of passing via the airport check point. Foodstuffs must be bundled or in a container, excluding unpeeled fruit, which is permitted without the need for a container. Excluding formula milk, breast milk, and medication, which could only be revealed at the security check, no fluids are permitted away safely.

JetBlue (B6) enables one bring backpack and one small backpack (purse, briefcase, laptop bag) for every traveller at no additional cost.

The following volume and strength conditions apply to carry-on luggage:

  • 45 planar inches (22 x 14 x 9 in) or 115 centimeters (56 x 36 x 23 cm) when grips and tires are included.
  • Fits in the overhead compartment and under the front seat. But extra fees might apply depending upon the ticket you have bought. Usually Jet blue charges $150 for any additional luggage.

Sometimes due to unprecedented circumstances, we need to drop our plans! If your flight is canceled by JetBlue for any reason when you had a confirmed reservation at the time of cancelation, you will have the following options:

  • Travel on the next available JetBlue flight at no extra charge
  • Receive a JetBlue Travel Bank credit for future travel purposes
  • Receive a refund to the original mode of payment if your flight cannot be rebooked within 2 hours.

You can rebook your canceled flight without a fee or increase in airfare under the ‘Manage Trips' section of or directly by contacting JetBlue Airlines. Please be ready with the following:

  • Confirmation number
  • Flight number
  • Date(s) of travel
  • Traveler information (such as full name, date of birth, contact information, etc.)

JetBlue Airlines gives several options to check-in for the flight. You can opt-out of the following methods to check-in:

  • Online check-in (through the
  • Mobile check-in (through JetBlue mobile application)
  • Check-in at the airport counter
  • Self-service kiosk check-in

You can check-in for your JetBlue flight at the airport by using two methods: Airport counter check-in and Self-service kiosk check-in.

  • You can reach out to the JetBlue Airlines flight reservations counter and provide the information to the officials. They will help you to check-in at the airport counter.
  • You can also check-in at the self-service kiosk available at the airport. By entering the requisite information asked by the kiosk for checking in and lastly you can print your boarding pass too.

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