Jetblue Travel Safety Measures

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Customer’s and employee’s safety is the first priority for JetBlue Airlines and they continue to take a multi-layered approach in guidance from the CDC and the health specialist. JetBlue Airlines has raised the bar and set new standards in the airline industry. For everyone’s safety and health, JetBlue Airlines is following all the safety measures from ground to air.

Precautions Taken by Jetblue Airlines

Conducting Temperature Checks

JetBlue Airline is checking the temperatures of all the customers- facing crewmembers as extra protection to provide safe and healthy flight journey. All the crewmembers are advised not to work if they are not feeling well. All the passengers are also advised to monitor their health and reschedule heir travel if feeling sick.

Paid Sick Leaves

JetBlue Airlines is providing paid sick leaves to the crew members who are unable to work. 14 days sick time paid leaves will be provided to the employees diagnosed with coronavirus.

Disinfectant Kits

To ensure safety and health of all the crewmembers, proper cleaning kits are provided for use onboard. The disinfectant kits contain sanitizer spray and disinfectant wipes.

Face Coverings

All JetBlue Airlines crewmembers are required to wear face coverings or mask while they are at work. A face covering must cover the nose and mouth properly.

All the travellers of 2 years or older must wear face-covering throughout their flight journey.

Frequent Disinfecting

Common surfaces like kiosk, gate counters, help desks and other counters inside airport terminals are frequently cleaned and sanitized by the disinfectant.

Providing Personal Protection Packs to Teh Customers

Before boarding, JetBlue Airlines is distributing personal protection packs which include hand sanitizer and two disinfectant wipes for the customers on board.

Increased Aircraft Cleaning

Aircraft cleaning procedure has been increased and is done before every flight and overnight. All the touch surfaces like tray tables, lavatories, seat covers, seatbelts, armrests are disinfected and sanitized.

Electrostatic Sprayers to Disinfect

Electrostatic sprayers are used in all the aircraft cabins during overnight deep cleanings. All the aircraft are equipped with hospital-grade HEPA air filters.

Blocking Middle Seats

JetBlue Airlines has blocked the middle seats on larger aircraft and aisle seat on smaller aircraft to maintain social distancing among the travellers.

Health Declaration

It is mandatory for all the travellers to complete the coronavirus health declaration form that acknowledges that you are not tested positive or have any symptoms of Coronavirus.

Back to Front Boarding

JetBlue Airlines has implemented a back-to-front boarding process for most customers to minimize passing in the aisle.

Find updated information’s customers can visit JetBlue Official site. Also find latest deals and offers from jetblue airlines and make your reservations. For any other queries customers may also call on dedicated jetblue customer care number. They are available 24*7 for its customers help and support.

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