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Latam Airlines Flight Booking | Latam Air Tickets

latam airlines

LATAM Airlines Group S.A. is a Chilean airline holding business headquartered in Santiago. It is regarded as Latin America's largest air carrier with operations in Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, as well as Peru. Owing to socioeconomic disruption created by the COVID-19 pandemic, the company filed for Bankruptcy in the United States on May 26, 2020. Despite having its head office in Chile, LATAM Airlines is also a Global depository receipt that was exchanged mostly on the Santiago Stock Exchange and New York Stock Exchange at the time of bankruptcy. On June 12, 2020, the company's shares scorecard (LTMAQ) was delisted from the NYSE and transferred to the unrestricted OTC Markets Pink.

In August 2015, it was revealed that almost all LATAM Airlines Group airlines will be rebranded as LATAM, with a single unified livery that can be used on all airplane by 2018. The re - branding encompassed all parts of the economy, including employee jerseys and airport check-in amenities. In April 2016, the first of the aircraft were renovated (or delivered new) in the innovative LATAM livery.

As from December 31, 2017, LATAM Airlines Group has been one of the world's biggest airline groups in terms of network connections, with its subsidiary companies functioning a combined fleet of 315 airplane serving 137 locations in 24 countries and 18 aircraft serving 144 attractions in 29 countries.

Classes on LATAM Airlines Flights

LATAM Airlines is known for an ultimate comfort, outstanding travel products, affordable vacation packages, efficient customer support, and classy flight experience. The carrier offers three types of cabin classes to the passengers, such as –

Economy Class

  • Uniquely designed seats and sustainable materials in A320 aircraft
  • USB ports to recharge electronic devices except on A320 aircraft
  • Ergonomic seats with adjustable headrests.

Premium Economy

  • Premium airport experience and superior service on domestic and international flights within Latin America
  • Premium check-in and boarding facility
  • Access to VIP LATAM Lounge on international flights (only) within Latina America
  • Exclusive compartment for carry-on baggage
  • Seat in the first rows of the plane
  • Exclusive use of bathroom
  • More space and recline.
  • Locked center seat for more privacy and comfort
  • USB ports to recharge electronic devices except on A320 aircraft.
  • Ergonomic seats with adjustable headrests.
  • Free LATAM play on your personal device and no need to download an app
  • Enjoy the latest movie releases, the best TV hits, songs, an interactive map, and much more.

Premium Business

  • Premium attention at the airport and a world-class cabin, specially designed for the best rest on board.
  • Premium check-in, disembarkation, baggage, and boarding facility
  • Access to VIP LATAM Lounge on international flights only
  • Environment-friendly Eco-Kits made by South American artists from sustainable materials
  • 180-degree reclining seat for relaxation and rest
  • Fast-charging USB ports and universal 110 V plug
  • Comfortable new mattress designed with Spacer Fabric technology developed by NASA
  • An amenity kit includes an eye mask, pen, socks, ear plugs, and a selection of L'Occitane products.
  • Best flavors of Latin America with a new and delicious menu
  • Best in-flight content in Latin America with 18-inch touch screens, noise-canceling headphones, and individual handsets for a comfortable travel


LATAM Play is a unique feature of the LATAM Airlines that lets you enjoy a customized inflight entertainment experience on the individual screens, without the need to download an app on domestic and regional flights. It is available on back-of-seat screens on Boeing 767, 777, and 787. However, you can access LATAM Play on your mobile device on A319, A320 and A321.

Follow the below steps to access LATAM Play using your mobile device:

  1. Put your mobile in Airplane Mode and connect to the “LATAM Play” WiFi network once you are on the flight.
  2. Scan the QR code on the front seat or open Safari on your iOS or Google Chrome on your Android mobile.
  3. Open on the browser.
  4. Put on your headphones and then press play.

It is recommended to charge your mobile before your flight and take your headphones.

Flight booking with LATAM Airlines

You would be able to choose a normal flight schedule over the next 330 days (nearly 11 months) from the discussion date. If you fail to appear on the day before the flight, the ensuing terms of the fare you bought would then extend. These requirements relate to tickets bought with LATAM Pass Points as well. For booking LATAM airlines tickets you can visit LATAM airlines official website to get all the details about their flights.

How to Book LATAM Airlines Flight Tickets Online?

LATAM Airline is one of the major air passenger carriers of Latin America and offers plenty of exciting offers at affordable airfares. Follow the below steps to book LATAM Airlines flight tickets.

  1. Go to the official website of LATAM Airlines or search on your device web browser.
  2. Fill up the requisite details in the boxes under the ‘Book a Flight’ section.
  3. Put the departure airport in the ‘From’ box and the arrival airport in the ‘To’ box.
  4. Select your itinerary as the round-way or one-way trip.
  5. If it is a round-way trip, you will need to select both the dates of your arrival and departure from the parent airport. If it is a one-way trip, put the date of your departure only.
  6. Select the number of passengers going with you.
  7. Enter the ‘Cabin’ details and promotional code (optional) in the boxes provided.
  8. Click on the ‘Search for your flight.’
  9. You will be directed to a new page to select from a list of flights.
  10. After this, follow the next instructions to book flight tickets.

Through the LATAM Airlines Reservations portal, you can reserve seats at affordable rates well in advance. Just ask your loved ones and book flight tickets for them.

LATAM Airlines Baggage Policy

Each time you travel with others, you are permitted to bring one checked bag with you. One free carry-on backpack is included with all commercial, light, and as well as, and top fares. Carry-on bags are not permitted on the Basic fare (unless you buy a LATAM+ seat or are a Gold Plus, Platinum, Black, or Black Signature member). Please be aware that it should adhere to the permitted features, size, and volume.

Carry-on baggage

You are permitted to bring one carry-on bag free of charge. It has to be cheap enough just to fit in the overhead bin without assistance.

  • In Economic system, the weight limit is 10 kilos (22 lb), and then in Premium Economy or Premium Business, the overall capacity is 16 kilos (35 lb).
  • The optimum measurements are 21 in (55 cm) x 13 in (35 cm) x 9 in (25 cm), along with the wallets, tires, and handle.
  • If your carry-on luggage fulfils such requisites but if there's not enough space on board, they will verify it for free. If your carry-on hand luggage surpasses size, or weight permitted, you will also have the opportunity to search this for an additional fee ranging from US $ 35 to US $ 70 on domestic travel.
  • Other items you can bought- Sweater or blazer
  • Not a parasol or vast umbrella, however a pocket umbrella.
  • A duty-free bag which really meets the optimum size limit for a checked bag.
  • A piece of convenience or enjoyment, including a lumbar pillow or a small waist bag, books or headphones.

Special baggage

You might very well brought instruments into the cabin, but they should also adhere to the previously mentioned carry-on hand luggage weight and size limitations. If they surpasses the established limits, they must always be inspected and, depending on the situation, would be ticketed as extra or overly large bags.

If you need to travel bigger equipment, you could even arrange and expect to be paid for an extra seat throughout the cabin as long as it satisfies the following requirements:

  • Create an advance booking via our Contact Center for the very same ticket price and class as your boarding pass.
  • The tool must always be properly bundled in order to be placed securely in the seat.

LATAM airlines Check-in Information

Between 48 and 2 hours prior to actually your flight's arrival, join your booking code as well as the surname associated with the booking.

  1. Select a seat.
  2. Verify and finalize the passenger information.
  3. Make a copy of your valid ticket.

If you ever need to transfer luggage in the aircraft's grab, you should go to the airport's check-in counter with your identification card and your boarding pass. Checking in online takes just under 2 minutes. Check-in could take much longer when you are going overseas as they have to ask you particular questions ever since you make the journey to your new destination.

Unless you only have bring luggage and therefore have checked in advance, you can bypass our counter at the airport and proceed directly to your entrance.

LATAM Airlines booking cancellation policy

If a flight is cancelled or delayed, they would do everything possible to adapt travellers with the next commercial flight, if tickets are available. If we are unable to transport you to your ultimate destination on the arrival date due to various reasons beyond LATAM's regulation, they would then provide you with rational hotel stays, based on availability. If, on the other side, the contexts which really caused the postponement were attributable to force majeure (for example, bad weather), they would then make every effort to put you on another connecting flight with extra seats in the very same class of service acquired, in which instance you would be accountable for night time lodging, lunches and dinners, and connected incidental costs. For more details you can visit LATAM airlines official site.

LATAM airlines in flight services

Their long-distance service provides a wide range of culinary dishes with Latin-American and worldwide influences.

They grant 3 primary dish options for lunch and dinner, along with a delicious item and a variety of soft drinks such as Premium coffee, tea, diet coke, vintages, and liquor.

For breakfast, they deliver mainly two dish options, which are supplemented by seasonal fresh yogurt and fruit, as well as drinks including such Premium coffee, Tea, and Fruit juice.

Snacks will be available on board all during the day for flights lasting more than 10 hours and all flights lasting more than 14 hours. To have a comfortable you can book a flight LATAM airlines because it offer different amenities to their clients.

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