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Major Things to Know Of Delta Airlines

Major Things to Know Of Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines is one of the oldest airlines in the world. It begins as a crop dusting in 1924 from Georgia. Then it moved to Louisiana, again back to Georgia, and then establish as Delta Air Lines in Mississippi. Today, Delta airlines have 85,000+ employees around the world and now we all know it as Atlanta Based Airlines since 1941. Having more than 300+ destination and per day delta itself fly 5,000+ and if we add its partner airlines also then these numbers look like 15,000. Now, you can imagine the role of Delta Airlines in the aviation industry.

These are important things to know before boarding on Delta Airlines –

If you are planning to travel delta airlines the first time then you should know these important things, because it will make things better for you and your travel easy. Let’s start introducing these things here.

Where Does Delta Airlines Fly For? Delta and its numerous partners and regional flight service providers, they are fly for 300+ destination and touching almost 60 countries in six continents. As we have mentioned Delta’s per day flight number, so based on that number you can imagine how important Delta Airlines is for the world’s aviation industries. To know the complete destination list you should visit Delta Airlines Official Site.

Baggage Policy Delta Airlines

1. Delta Airlines Baggage Policy

Airlines have a very clean and clear Baggage policy. Passenger can carry one item and one personal thing free on board. And their size must be under 22″ x 14″ x 9″ (It should be fitted in under seat).

Delta Airlines has a first checked-in bag fee of $30 (Luggage should not more than 50 lbs.) and they have a second check-in fee of $40 and weight should not be more than 50 lbs. This price list applies for domestic flights only.

Important things for Frequent Flyer Members, these prices can vary for you.

2. Delta Airlines Seat Selection Policy

To make in-flight service more enjoyable delta airlines. After the 2013 coach and first-class have two inches less space compared to earlier. To check your airplane type you can check it on your route or boarding pass. Delta has various kind of seat selection option like Delta comfort plus, Delta Basic Economy, Delta Premium, Delta one, and others.

In Delta Airlines Premium Economy, passengers get services like noise cancellations headphones, wider seats, and delicious food selection. Delta Comfort plus offers 4 inches more space comparing to main cabin seats. It is also wider and adjustable (means you can adjust according to your comfortability) but this is available for only selected international flights. For basic economy passengers, the airline provides seats during check-in or assigned at the gate.

3. Boarding Facility of Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines boarding facility is based on traveling class, in 2019 Delta Airlines changed its boarding terms and condition. Now, delta has boarding things on a fare based. To know about it clear first of all you need to know that Delta Airlines has eight kinds of seating zone –

  • Delta One
  • Delta Premium Select or First Class
  • Delta Comfort
  • Sky Priority
  • Main Cabin 1
  • Main Cabin 2
  • Main Cabin 3
  • Basic Economy

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