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Notice of Rights for Canada Travel

Notice of Rights for Canada Travel

United Airlines always strives to provide a safe and comfortable flight journey to everyone. This notice contains important information about customer’s rights established under Canada’s Air Passenger Protection Regulation (APPR).

Long Tarmac Delay

  • United Airlines has established new procedures to manage long Tarmac delayed flights (LTD).
  • For LTD flights, United Airlines will provide the affected passengers with the following free of charge: use of working lavatories, communication network, adequate drink and food, medical assistance and proper ventilation, cooling or heating of the aircraft.
  • For LTD flights on Canadian soil that have been delayed for3 hours, United Airlines will provide with an opportunity to disembark unless: reasons related to safety, customs, security would prohibit.

Loat, Delayed or Damaged Baggage

  • If your checked baggage is delayed or damaged ad you are still at the airport then must go to the Baggage service office to inform United Airlines. Customers can also call Baggage service centre from the United States and Canada.
  • In case of lost or damaged checked bag, United Airlines will reimburse you for the amount you paid for checked baggage.
  • baggage you must report within 21 days after the day the baggage was supposed to arrive. If a customer does not claim within the necessary time period, United Airlines will not provide any compensation.

Denied Boarding

All the involuntary customers denied boarding for reasons within United control which are not necessary for safety reasons are entitled to compensation depending on the length of the flight delay in arriving at the final destination:

  • United Delays of 0-6 hours: CAD $900
  • United Delays of 6-9 hours: CAD $1800
  • United Delays of more than 9 hours: CAD $2400

Compensation will be issued b the United Airlines before your new flight departure time of within 48 hours of the denied boarding incident.

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