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Southwest Airlines Flight Booking | Southwest Airlines Tickets

southwest airlines manage booking

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Southwest Airlines is the major Airline of the United States of America which is considered as world’s largest low-cost carrier. This airline flies to almost 103 destinations of the US and 10 other countries, along with in-flight services and benefits. From comfortable seats to fast WIFI services, Southwest Airline has got everything to make your flight journey smooth and hassle-free and you will feel so comfortable during travel time. Therefore, get in touch with us to reap the benefits of booking Southwest Airlines flight tickets.

Why Southwest Airlines?

Customer’s Satisfaction

Southwest Airlines assures to provide you with the best in flight experience. From booking your trip to the moment you plan for your next trip, Southwest Airlines Reservations helpdesk always offers you with the exclusive and attractive deals, which makes your travel experience amazing.

Southwest Low Fares

The best things about Southwest Airlines, It is open and honest to its customers and maintains transparency, there are no hidden charges and that’s make trust bridge between customer and airlines. You can fly to many beautiful domestic and international destinations by booking low-cost flight tickets.

Southwest Earn Rapid Rewards

As a customer you can do booking for your Southwest Airlines flight tickets and earn rapid reward points every time you fly with Southwest or its partner airlines. It means keep flying and earing rewards and do booking for your next trip. It is money saving scheme by Southwest Airlines.

Southwest In-flight Amenities

All southwest airlines aircraft provides you with a benefit of free WIFI, live television to make your flight journey exciting. Sit back and relax on comfortable relaxing seats of Southwest Airlines.

How to Book Southwest Airlines Flight Tickets?

Sometime it happens that customer face trouble during Southwest Airlines Flight Ticket Booking, then I must say that you are at right place for this particular solution. Southwest Airlines offers you an opportunity to book flight tickets to your favorite destinations easily smoothly and in pocket friendly budget. There are several ways in which you can make your Southwest Airlines flight reservations.

Flight Reservations through Southwest Airlines Official Site

Customers can directly visit the Southwest Airlines official website of Southwest Airlines to make low-cost flight bookings. Below, for your comfort and convenience, we have mentioned some really easy steps to book Southwest Airlines:

  1. Visit the Southwest Airlines official site on your computer, laptop or mobile phones (Android/IOS whatever you can access easily)
  2. On the homepage, fill all the required information (name, destination, date of travel, etc.)
  3. Enter all passenger’s details like name, number of passengers, age, etc.
  4. Select payment option and click continue to book your flight tickets

Southwest Flight Reservations through Mobile Application

Southwest Airlines have its mobile-friendly application which you can download on your android or IOS mobile phones. Customers can book their flight tickets through the application anytime, anywhere. This saves your time and money.

Southwest Flight Reservations at Airport

Visit the airport and make your Southwest Airlines reservations. You can get various deals and offers through airport bookings. The help desk of Southwest reservation is available at the airport, you need to visit them.

Southwest Airlines Baggage Policy

Southwest Airlines has a strict and the most clear-cut baggage policy. It is made to prevent passengers from any inconvenience and disturbance occurring in the flight. Southwest’s baggage policy is also the most affordable and generous one that every regular traveler on Southwest flights appreciates. Take a closer look at the Southwest Airlines baggage rules.

Checked Baggage

  • Southwest allows one checked bag for free.
  • Passengers are allowed to carry a checked bag under the dimensions of 62 inches (length + width + height) per check piece of luggage and the maximum weight of 50 pounds.
  • Bags weighing more than 51 pounds and over 62 inches but not more than 80 inches will be treated as overweight and oversized luggage.
  • The overweight and oversized items carry a baggage fee of $75 per item.

Carry-on Baggage

  • Southwest allows one Carry-on bag for free.
  • The carry-on bag must adhere the dimensions to 10 x 16 x 24 inches.
  • Your carry-on should be able to fit inside the space provided overhead the flight seats.

Personal Item

  • Personal items such as purses, briefcases, cameras, food containers, or laptops must be stored under the seat space in front, within 18.5 x 8.5 x 13.5-inch dimensions.
  • The personal item not fitting under the seat will be asked to place it in the overhead bin.

Additional Baggage Fees

  • Southwest allows one checked bag, one carry-on, and personal item for free. However, if the baggage dimensions cross the allowed limits as proposed in Southwest baggage policy, it will carry baggage fees of $75.
  • The first two checked bags will be free. The third or more checked bags will be charged $75 on a Southwest Airlines flight.

Traveling Pets as a Carryon

  • In view of the comfort and convenience of fellow passengers, Southwest Airlines allows small vaccinated domestic cats and dogs to travel with the owner. All pets must be carried in an appropriate animal carrier. The pet carrier will be counted as either a carry-on item or a personal item. Pets traveling are subject to a $95 Pet Fare each way per carrier.
  • Pet carriers are allowed with maximum dimensions of 18" long x 8" high x 13" wide.
  • Specifically designed soft-sided, and hard-sided pet carriers are acceptable.
  • The pet carrier must be comfortable, leak-proof, and well ventilated.
  • The pet carrier must be fit under the seat in front of the customer and adhere to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations.
  • The pet must be vaccinated and well-trained.

Southwest Airlines Check-in Options

Southwest Airlines Mobile Check-in

Download Southwest Airlines application on your android or IOS mobile phones and check-in for your flights.

Southwest Online or Web Check-in

You need to browse the official website of Southwest Airlines. During online check-in, customers can select their preferred seats, add extra services, etc.

Kiosk Check-in at the Airport

At some selective airports, you can utilize kiosks to check-in at the airport for your flight.

Southwest Airport Counter Check-in

You can check-in at the airport counter. Go to the origin airport and follow the airport personnel to check-in. They will instruct you to do things.

Affordable Exotic Destinations with Southwest Airlines

Hitting a mid-life crisis and desperately planning for an out-of-the-way destination where you can do some amazing soul-searching? Looking to escape to an exotic destination where you can surrender yourself to the comfort zone? No worries! Southwest Airlines have come out with a list of exotic destinations that can for sure make your travelling experience remarkable. Moreover, a getaway to an exotic destination is not about luxurious hotels or fancy resorts. With Southwest Airlines you can visit incredible, beautiful destinations without breaking your bank.

Customers can easily visit some incredible places with Southwest Airlines to enjoy several interesting things. You can enjoy several in-flight services, benefits and other amenities along with cheap and affordable flight tickets offered by Southwest Airlines.

Make Southwest Airlines Reservations to your favourite destination and make your vacation trip remarkable.

Top 3 Exotic Destinations to Visit with Southwest Airlines


Southwest Airlines offers its non-stop flight services to Cuba. This low-cost airline started flying Cuba back in 2016. Cuba is a cheap island for Americans that assaults the senses. It is a perfect place for all the music-lovers as its sensual and contagious rhythms have influenced musicians worldwide. This fantastic place is the largest and least commercialized and most interesting island in the Caribbean. Customers can enjoy amazing crystal-clear beaches, fine sands and landscapes that are perfect for hiking, camping.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is full of natural wonders with plentiful wildlife, natural parks, rainforests and several adventurous and exciting activities. From hiking, zip-lining to white water rafting and surfing, you can enjoy many interesting outdoor activities in Costa Rica. Southwest Airlines flies into both San Jose, one of its major cities island that is near to volcano and various national parks, and Liberia. It is a perfect place for nature-lovers, you can see monkeys, sloths and can explore several volcanoes, waterfalls, hot springs and beautiful beaches.

San Diego

San Diego is the beautiful land of surf and sun as it is located in the sunshine state of California and appealing all-year-round climate. Travellers here can enjoy thrilling activities like hiking trails, incredible beaches and thrilling culinary and beer scene. It is a great place you must visit once in your lifetime to explore museums, history, beautiful monuments, zoo, parks beaches and much more.

Other Southwest Exotic Destinations

  • Hawaii
  • Jamaica
  • Niagara Falls
  • Belize
  • San Francisco
  • Mexico
  • Puerto Rica
  • Grand Cayman
  • Dominican Republic

You can book your low-cost Southwest flight tickets to exotic destinations through an official reservation number. Customers can enjoy the benefit of various deals, offers and discounts. The Southwest Airlines Reservation team is available 24*7 to assist you.

How do I get a Refund if I Cancel my Southwest Flight?

If a passenger wants to change their schedule and want to request for Southwest flight refund, they can easily get their refund through the Southwest Airlines refund mechanism. It has one of the best cancellation policies among major airlines of the world as provides immense flexibility toward flight changes and refund requests. Passengers can get knowledge about refunds in the coming topics.

Additional information about Refunds

  • Only Business select and Anytime Fares are refundable while Wanna Get Away fares are not refundable rather they are reusable.
  • Unused, refundable Southwest flight tickets that do not carry restrictions may be applied for future travel fund credit within one year from the date of issue.
  • All eligible refunds are provided on the original form of payment.
  • Original credit/debit card refund credit takes a maximum of seven business days from the date the request is made and the account refund credit makes take up to ten business days to reflect the refund in your bank account.
  • Based on a passenger’s billing cycle, they will see the refund on their statement within one to two statement mailings.

How to Cancel Southwest flight via the Official Website?

  • Visit on the device web browser.
  • Click ‘Flight’ in the header and then tap the ‘Manage Reservations’ option under the ‘FLIGHT | HOTEL | CAR | VACATIONS’ on the top of the homepage.
  • Now enter the six-digit confirmation number and the last name of the passenger.
  • They'll see their flight reservation on the ‘Your Reservation Details’ page.
  • Click on the Cancel link where the Confirmation number is and then click that link to review the Southwest flight cancellation details.
  • If they have only had non-refundable funds, then they’ll see the option to Hold for future use. Click the "Cancel flight" link to cancel the booking for all Passengers.
  • If they’ve any refundable funds, then they will see a section called "Refundable". From there they can either request a refund or Hold for future use as a Travel Fund Credit. Click the "Cancel flight" link to cancel the booking for all passengers.
  • After finishing the process, they’ll receive a confirmation page. Keep this record for further use.

How to Request a Refund on Southwest Airlines?

Refund for a canceled Southwest flight depends on the type of the original ticket and the mode of payment of the purchase through cash or Rapid Reward Points.

For Flights Booked with Cash

Wanna Get Away tickets are Southwest’s lowest-priced fares and while these tickets are eligible for travel credit, it is non-refundable.

To get money back to the original form of payment rather than as a travel fund, passengers need to book a refundable Southwest Anytime or Business Select ticket.

For Flights Booked with Rapid Reward Points

If a passenger cancels a flight booked with Southwest’s Rapid Reward Points, the points will be refunded automatically.

Plus, if there were any charges or taxes along with the points, then these will be converted to travel funds for future travel or refunded back to the original form of payment.

Southwest Airlines Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can bring your snacks! But you are not allowed to get a gel or a liquid; security at the airport will not let you take drinks with you, so you need to be wise about what to carry or what not to carry with you. So if you have purchased anything after security, you can get it into the plane. So it’s better to make sandwiches at your place, bring it with you and buy a drink for you after security.

Southwest airlines flight attendants are very cooperative; if you have words with them nicely, they will refill your drink or provide you extra. Even you can buy some pretzels and peanuts for yourself.

Yes, passengers get as many sandwiches as you want to have on your journey, but you must carry your sandwiches in your carry-on. So, get your sandwiches that can fit in your hand luggage, and it must pass through the TSA checkpoint.

So, southwest never stops you get your sandwiches, but you do not get in larger quantity, wrapped it perfectly and got it in a container.

Southwest permits you to get your medicines, as we care for our passengers and their health. But you have to tell the officer at the checking point that you have your medication with you. You are allowed to get your liquid medication in your carry-on, but they should in proper bottles and must not exceed the size per bottle.

So yes, get your liquid medicine; even you can take your pills with the consultation slip, only prescribed medications as per the rules. For more details, check out the FAQ section of southwest airlines or connect to our professionals.

Yes, you can get two backpacks on a plane, but with the conditions apply, one of your bags must be like carry-on luggage, and the other one must look like a carry-on personal item or a small one. The size of the baggage should not exceed the restricted amount. Your luggage should get fixed in the overhead bin. For more information, check out the southwest airlines official site or call our professionals.

As per the recent updates, Southwest airlines have permitted their passengers to carry one hand sanitiser container, with a size of 12 ounces, not more than that. You need to get your sanitizer check at the checkpoint, and once your sanitizer is screened, you can take it with you. For further details, you can connect to our professionals, and even you can check out the recent updates of southwest airlines or mail your query.

We are there to assist you, and you are at the right place; with Southwest, you can get your sanitizer, but you must follow our rules and regulations.

Southwest airlines have rules about liquids, but there is no such rule about the food containers. So, you can get your food in a plastic or Tupperware container, and it’s your choice!

We do not have any problem; enjoy your sandwiches in your favourite container. For further details, log in to our website, or can have words with our experts.

Want to carry your duffle bag with you on your journey? You can carry, only if your duffle bag is light in size and soft-sided. You can get it as your carry on along with your purse. If you are excited to come on a journey with us, come and fly with us.

For more details, talk to our experts. We are there to solve your query round the clock.

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