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Best Light festivals from around the world

Best Light festivals from around the world

When it comes to traveling, light is what you are looking for, it is what attracts you. Whether it be a trip to Paris in the ‘City of Lights’ or a chance to catch a holiday to someplace sunny, whenever in doubt, “follow the lights” it is, most of the times, the best way to ensure a memorable vacation.

Also, it is important to note that lights do not necessarily mean daytime sunshine. Some of the light festivals in the world feature, futuristic and mesmerizing LED displays that are remarkable enough to drop your jaw and blow your mind.

Here is a list of the best festivals from around the world that are worth visiting

1. Amsterdam Light Festival, Netherlands

This stunning light festival takes place at the end of November until the end of January. This festival turns the city into one grand open-air museum.

Every year, the festival organizers issue worldwide calls to local designers and artists to lend their ideas, out of which few are shortlisted and exhibited in the annual festival.

2. Kobe Luminaire, Japan

It is the oldest and the most renowned of the winter light festivals. The festival began, back in the year 1995 in the wake of the Great Hanishan Earthquake to give citizens a hope to recover from the desolation of the calamity.

It takes place in the December month of every year and features lively light displays that are designed by both Italian and Japanese artists.

It draws more than 3 million people from all around the world, so if you planning to go there, we advise you to travel by train as roads can become hellishly crowded, during this time of the year.

3. Festivals of light, Germany

This illumination festival spans for over ten days, every October and transforms the city’s most renowned and historical monuments like the Berlin Cathedral, the Funkturm, and the Brandenburg Gate.

More than 70 locations are illuminated by amazing LED displays and the whole city becomes a big open-art museum, exhibiting amazing ideas of local and international artists.

Every illumination in the festival tells a story and draws the attention of people from varying cultures. You will also get a chance to delve into loads of photography tours, music events, and guided tours at some of the select locations.

4. Vivid Sydney

It is a festival where art, technology, and commerce converge. It is an outdoor annual light festival that draws creative thinkers, local and international musicians as well as creative thinkers.

The festival transforms the city into a magical world to dive in and enjoy the beautiful festivities. The illuminated Sydney opera house and many others are a must see.

This light festival is held every year from May – June (23 days). You can expect laser light shows, Large-Scale illuminations, 3D mapping projections and a variety of enchanting light art sculptures along the waterside boundaries of the Darling Harbor, Royal Botanic Garden and beyond.

5. The Great Wisteria festival

The 150-year-old Great Wisteria festival features some of the most beloved spring flowers in Japan. The Wisteria flowers take center stage during this festival. You can witness stunning displays of the beautiful Wisteria trees during the evenings. The trees are spread across an area of 1,000 sq meter with more than 500 Azaleas in full blossom inside the park. The festival takes place in Ashikaga, Japan, every year between Aprils to May. You can expect beautiful light installations and an 80m- long channel formed by the stunning Wisteria flowers.

6. Circle of Light Festival, Russia

The iconic buildings like the Moscow State University and the Bolshoi theatre are transformed into canvases for the artists from all across the globe, to showcase their ideas and designs in audio-visual form.

Also, a world-class lighting program runs concurrently with it, in which the artists and the designers convene, to carry out workshops and lectures.

7. Lumiere London, UK

The Lumiere festival is an annual light festival that takes place in UK’s capital city, London. In this festival, around 40 British and international artists gather and stir up amazing designs and dazzling displays, reimagining the city’s architectural design.

The amazing decorations of the most famous areas of London like the West End, May-fair, Kings Cross and South bank will blow your mind.

So, book your tickets today by calling the Delta Airlines Flights Reservations team and light up your vacation.

8. I light Marina Bay, Singapore

If you are a believer of sustainable and responsible travel, you will not want to miss the sustainable light festival of Singapore. This festival unites environment and art in its stunning displays.

The festival celebrates visionary installations from 22 local and international artists, with a lot of installations in the bay involving participation from the viewers.

Also, the 2019 festival is expected to be bigger, bolder and brighter as the launch is in conjunction with the Singapore Bicentennial commemoration, with the theme, “Bridges of time”.

There are these and a lot more light festivals around the world, and there is destined to be one for you! So, without fretting, choose the one that best suits you, book your tickets and light up your vacation. Visit Delta Airlines Official Site to know more about destinations.

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