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Delta Airlines Reservations

Delta airlines reservations- provide all the air travel facilities to every passenger at an affordable price. Apart from being an initializing member of SkyTeam Airlines Alliances, Delta airlines reservatiions is known for its total travellers’ carriage and huge fleet, and thus delta airlines is ranked second in the list of world’s top airlines. More than 5400 flights are operated across 52 countries with more than 315 destinations per day through its subsidiaries and regional coordinates. Log in call2reservations.com for Delta Airlines Flight Reservations to get the proper facilities on your flights and be ready to make your journey a “joyful journey”.

Delta Airline

Delta Airlines Flight Reservations

Delta airlines flight reservations offer great deals along with cheap tickets. Passengers can avail the benefits on their reservations. Log in www.call2reservations.com to book Delta airlines tickets at affordable and cheap rates and be ready to make your travelling easy and comfortable.

Delta Airlines Ticket Booking

Contact call2reservations to book your flight tickets at affordable and cheap rates and make your travelling comfortable and convenient. Travellers can visit our site to get great offers and deals on their flight bookings.

Delta Airlines Reservations via Official Site

Delta Airlines Reservations

Travellers can make Delta airlines flight reservations and can book their flight tickets by visiting the official site of Delta Airlines i.e. www.delta.com

Passengers have to enter all the necessary details such as destination country, type of journey (one way, round or multi city), departure and return dates and number of passengers travelling in a flight.

Travellers can go to various other options like “Shop with miles”. “Refundable fares” and “My dates are flexible”.

Delta Airlines Ticket Booking via App

Travellers can book flight tickets and make Delta airline reservations through their android/ iPhone mobiles. Fly Delta App is available on play store as well as on iPhone App store.

Delta Airlines Flight Reservations Classes

Delta provides six kinds of classes of services. Passengers can avail accordingly.

Main Cabin
  • Main Cabin tickets provide the facility of Starbuck coffee along with other snacks and different kind of beverages, on the journey over 250 miles
  • Passengers can purchase other food stuff and alcohol as well during their flights, over 250 miles.
  • WIFI facility is also provided to the passengers travelling in flights.
  • Pillows, eye sheds and ear buds are available for the passengers to make their travelling comfortable and disturbance-free.
  • Passengers can enjoy the facility of large leg rooms and hence make their travelling convenient and easy.
  • Travellers can select their seats at the time of purchase according to their own comfort, except the Medallion members.
Basic Economy
  • In this class, passengers have to pay for WI-FI on some selected flights. Traveller is free to carry one baggage along with him during the flight.
Delta One
  • Delta one passengers relish their journey from the airport to the final destination.
  • Professional staff is available throughout the journey, from check-ins to final destination. Travellers can approach Delta Sky Club.
  • To make your travelling comfortable and convenient, 180 degree flatbed seats are there. Along with that a kit containing socks, lotion, eye shades, earbuds and lip balm, etc. is also provided.
  • Flight attendants are there to take good care of you.
Delta Comfort
  • Delta Comfort Passengers are provided with a large legroom space and hence it is more comfortable than Main Cabin.
  • Passengers are provided with proper bin space for easy reach of things.
  • Necessary facility kit with pillow, headset, blanket, etc. is available in Delta Comfort to make your travelling easy and comfortable.
  • Passengers are provided with the benefit of boarding notification. Along with that quick de boarding of the plane facility is also provided.
Delta Premium
  • Delta Premium passengers enjoy better experience than other four services.
  • o Travellers are provided with proper adjustable foot rest for the feet and legs which makes your travelling more comfortable
  • Delta premium passengers are provided with the benefit of fast check in. Baggage and security, quick boarding and deboarding facilities are also provided to the travellers.
  • Flight attendants are there to serve you hard/ soft drinks or coffee according to your own comfort.
First Class
  • The First Class of Delta Flights is considered as the best. It is provided with the facility of cabin attendants who will avail all the benefits provided in the flights.
  • The seats have extra-large legroom as compared to Main Cabin of Delta Airlines.
  • Snacks and drinks are offered according to your demand.
  • Soft pillows and blankets are also provided to make you more comfortable.
  • First Class passengers are free to access Sky Priority services at the airport.
Delta First Class

Delta Airlines Baggage Policy

delta Airlines Baggage Policy

Delta Airlines reservations allow one carryon luggage with a personal item such as coat, jacket, shoulder bag, duty free equipment, support of disables etc.

According to the Carry-on policy of Delta Airlines, passengers must follow these rules

  • Dimensions of carry-on should not exceed out of 22x14x9 inches or 56x36x23 centimetres.
  • Personal item should be of suitable size so that it must fit below the seat in front of you.
  • Carry- on- baggage must be fitted into the overhead bin.
  • Personal items are not in carryon baggage policy.
  • Maximum baggage weight is different for various classes.
  • In Basic Economy and Delta Comforts, the weight limit is 23kgs. Whereas In Delta Premium and in first class the weight limit is 32 kg.

The fee differs according to the destination, distance of journey, travelling fares, etc. The fee is different if you are a US army member, Delta Airlines Crew member, frequent user of Delta Flights, or Delta Sponsored credit card.

Delta Airlines Check in Options

Delta online check in may be proceeded through any way according to the passenger’s comfort and satisfaction. You may go for check in through web mobile or at the counter before 24 hours of the departure time.

You have to provide the following for check in

  • Booking confirmation number followed by departure airport.
  • Sky mile Numbers followed by origin airport.
  • Credit/debit card number with departure airport and your last name.
  • Ticket number with origin airport.

Delta Airline Check In

Check in via official website:-

You can go for check in by visiting the official website of Delta Airlines or just simply click on the link on call2reservation.com page.

Check in via Mobile

Use your mobile go to Fly Delta. Enter all the necessary details which are mandatory for check in and for other formalities. If you are a regular user of Fly Delta App, then there is no problem to check in.

Airport Check-In

The other way of check in is to go to your origin airport and follow the airport personnel to check in. The best way to check in is through the web only as it saves your precious time. Check in via Kiosk

Passengers can use Kiosk check in but this facility of check in is available in a few airports only..

Delta Airlines Flight Reservations Status

In order to check your Delta airlines flight Reservations status, you have to enter date of journey, flight number and enter name of origin airport in “From” box and name of destination airport in “To” box. You can use web, app or can visit enquiry counter at airport to check the status of flight. Or just click on the link provided in www.call2reservation

Cancellation and refund policy of Delta airlines

  • Want to cancel your flight tickets and wish to get a refund? No worries! Delta Airlines provides the cancellation and refund policy according to your tickets. You can easily cancel your flight tickets and can get refund benefits.
  • If you want to cancel a non-refundable ticket, it will be cancelled after deducting the cancellation fees. The remaining will be credited for your next journey.
  • No cancellation charges are applied to a refundable ticket. The amount will be credited in your bank account.
  • No cancellation charges will be applied in case of 24 hour risk free cancellation.
  • Award Ticket is cancelled 72 hours before departure of the flight. If the ticket is booked in exchange for Delta SkyMiles, no matter what is the ticket type, the Sky miles used for purchase will be credited in your Sky miles account.
  • Click on the “My Trip” menu on www.delta.com homepage to cancel the tickets online

At present, Airport hubs of Delta Airlines

Delta Airport Hub
  • Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC)
  • Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)
  • Detroit Metropolitan Wayne Country Airport (DTW)
  • Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG)
  • Logan International Airport (BOS)
  • Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport (MSP)
  • Raleigh-Durham International Airport(RDU)

For any queries regarding ticket booking

Visit the official website of Delta Airlines or you can call for customer care on +1-888-409-3973 and make your delta Airlines flight reservations.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ's)

Q: How can I redeem a gift card from delta?

A) it the Delta website and easily redeem your Delta Gift Card for any Delta Flight from anywhere in the world. You can redeem a gift card only for air travel free of taxes and surcharges

Q: Is it possible to change course of journey online?

A) Yes of Course. You can change course of journey online if you travel in Canada and United States. If Delta Airlines allows, routes is changed in some type of tickets.

Q: May I track the status of baggage check on Fly Delta app?

A) Yes, travellers can go on track for the status of their baggage checking, on Fly Delta app on android or iphone.

Q: May I purchase an extra seat for a fragile expensive item carrying with me?

A) Yes, travellers can go on track for the status of their baggage checking, on Fly Delta app? on android or iphone.

Q: How can I use promotion code?

A) Go to “Special Deals and Offers Section” page on the official website of Delta airlines.

Q: Is there a way to earn more Sky miles?

A) Simply, provide your Skymile number to earn Skymile with Delta Vacations. To know more go to “Earn more miles” submenu on the official website of Delta.

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