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Delta Airlines is a major carrier in the United States, and is known to be one of the world's biggest airlines in terms of the number of flights and passenger volumes transported. The airline operates 5,400 daily flights with a wide number of operations serving 325 destinations in 52 countries. About 180 million passengers were served by the carrier and for the seventh time in eight years the Fortune 500 airline was among the 50 top-ranked airlines. If you like the beauty and the comfort cruise and you want to enjoy the unmanned in-flight services at an affordable price, you can also buy a ticket from Delta Airlines.

Baggage policy

Carry-on baggage:

There is no extra expense per passenger for 1 luggage and one personal bag, such as and laptop bag, purse, etc.

↔ The dimensions should not exceed 45 or 115 inches linear, including handles and wheels, included.

↔ Baggage should fit in the overhead bin under the seat.

Checked-in baggage:

↔ Length + width + height should not exceed 62 or 157 centimeters.

↔ Weight maximum allowed: 50 pounds or 23 kg

Inflight Services

↔ A broad legroom and headrests for easy sitting in both cabins are provided for the carrier.

↔ Delta and larger seats can be turned into larger sleeping accommodations.

↔ Delta One and First Class travellers will be fitted with a coil and celestial beds.

↔ Delta introduces a fresh and delightful restaurant option to all travellers to pick beer and nondalcoholic drinks.

↔ Flight entertainment includes access to a range of music, movies, television and sports



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