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Important Things to know before flying Spirit Airlines

Important Things to know before flying Spirit Airlines

We all are familiar with Spirit Airlines, as an ultra-low-cost airline company and prominent passenger carrier of the US. Booking Spirit Airlines tickets ensure you have the best flight experiences while not burden the pocket. In this guide, you will be made familiar with what facilities does Spirit offers to its passengers.

Earning Points on Spirit Flights

If you are a Free Spirit member, you can earn 6x points on fares and 12x points on optional add- on items such as baggage and seats. If you are a ‘Free Spirit Silver’ and ‘Gold elite’ member, you can earn 10x points on fares and 20x points on optional add-on items. These points will give bonus earnings on your airfare and more travel protections on the flight.

Check-In and Boarding Pass

Spirit Airlines offers both online as well as offline check-in. You can check-in online through its website or app when possible or use a self-service kiosk at the airport to check-in and get a boarding pass for a $2 fee. Spirit’s customer service agent is also available to help you check-in and print boarding pass for a $10 fee.

Snacks and Drinks Onboard Spirit Flights

Passengers can purchase snacks and drinks while flying Spirit flights through a credit card or debit card. If you want to purchase snacks or drink on board, go through the options on Spirit’s website before boarding.

Spirit Saver$ Club

Being the cheapest airline in the US, Spirit’s Saver$ Club helps you enjoy attractive discounts on seats, Flight Flex, and Shortcut Security with more discounts on Spirit Airlines Flights. Its membership carries the following costs:

  • 12-month membership: $69.95
  • 18-month membership: $99.90
  • 24-month membership: $129.90

Safety of Spirit Flights

If you have made Spirit Airlines reservations already, you are assured of safe arrival to your destination. It follows FAA guidelines which means that the airline has not had any crashes or any major incidents. Like any other airline, Spirit flights can experience a few emergency landings or turbulence-related injuries on board, but nothing major.

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