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United Airlines Security Checkpoint Guidelines

United airlines business class

The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) now demands extra safety measures for all the international flights to the United States. These measures may include the latest screening of customers and some heightened screening of electronic devices. Travellers must be prepared to remove their electronic devices from their protective cases for inspection purpose. In case of any protective case removal that requires special tools, it is advised to remove it before arriving at the airport.

For all the international flights, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) recommends every traveller to arrive at least three hours before the scheduled flight departure, allowing time for extra security measures. The TSA screens all the travellers and baggage before boarding the aircraft.

Checkpoint- Friendly Laptop Bags

The transportation Security Administrations (TSA) allow the passengers to leave their laptop in the bags that meet "checkpoint-friendly" standards. The bags that will be considered checkpoint-friendly should meet the following standards:

  • A designated laptop-only section that completely unfolds to lie flat on the X-ray belt.
  • There should be no zippers, snaps or buckles inside, underneath or on the top of the laptop-only section.
  • Nothing should be there in the laptop-only section except the laptop.
  • There should be no pockets inside or outside of laptop-only section.

Sharp Items or Knives

  • Most of the sharp items or knives are not allowed past the security checkpoint (including pocket knives, folding blades, box cutters, scissors, razors, etc.).
  • Plastic knives and round-bladed butter knives are allowed in carry-on baggage.

Liquid, Gels and Aerosol Items

Travellers need to follow some guidelines while travelling with any liquid, gel or aerosol item in their carry-on bags:

  • All the passengers departing from US Airports on any flight may bring carry-on bags through security and board the aircraft with trial-size toiletries, every 3.4 ounces or less.
  • The toiletries must fit in one quart-size or litre-size clear, sealable bag.
  • The zipped bag required to be removed from the carry-on bag and must be presented separately at the airport security.
  • The beverages or toiletries purchased inside the airport beyond the checkpoint will be allowed onboard the aircraft.
  • Some items greater than 3.4 ounces and not contained in a zip-top bag may be allowed on board but must be declared to the TSA at the airport security checkpoint for screening. These items can be baby formula, milk, baby food, juice, medications, liquid, gels that are required for a medical situation.
  • Restrictions on all the liquids, gels or aerosol items vary from country to country.

Other Important Information

    • Packages and gifts are subject to the same inspection as customer’s carry-on baggage. To avoid wastage of time, United Airlines advises every traveller to travel with unwrapped packages for easy inspection.
    • Passengers are not allowed to bring any device onboard to alter or limit the functionality of any aircraft structure, seat assignment, tray table, etc.
    • Customers can visit United Airlines Official website to get more details about carry-on and personal items.

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